Friday 22 March 2019


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Coal Ash Town Hall Meeting with Potomac Riverkeeper
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01.15.2019 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
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Your Potomac River and its fisheries are threatened by contamination leaking from toxic coal ash pits upstream on the Potomac. Nearly 4 million tons of dangerous heavy metals left from burning coal for electricity are stored in massive unlined pits, called coal ash ponds, not far upriver at Possum Point near Quantico, where carcinogens such as arsenic, selenium, and radium have been leaching into groundwater, drinking wells and the Potomac River for decades.

Dominion Energy, the owner of nearly 30 million tons of toxic coal ash in ponds across Virginia, wants to close their ponds by draining hundreds of millions of gallons of the ash water and simply covering them as a permanent solution called Cap-in-Place. Dominion has acknowledged groundwater contamination from all 11 of their ash ponds threatening the Potomac, James, and Elizabeth rivers.

Leaching from the bottom of Dominion’s ash ponds will continue indefinitely unless the state requires corrective action to protect public health and the Potomac River. Other states in the south are requiring utility companies to safely clean up, recycle, and dispose of toxic ash away from rivers and drinking water.

The Virginia General Assembly will soon consider legislation requiring Dominion do the right thing. We need your support to insist that our lawmakers act responsibly and reject Cap-in-Place.

Our rivers and communities are at risk! Please don’t miss this important meeting!