Friday 24 May 2019


Fair Farms is a movement of Marylanders of all stripes, working together for a new food system — one that’s fair to farmers, invests in homegrown, healthy food, and restores our waterways instead of polluting them.

The Challenge

For too long, food, water and public health have been disconnected in the public dialogue and in our organizing and advocacy work. At first glance, a threatened habitat in the Chesapeake watershed seems to have little to do with the price of organic chicken or a food desert in Baltimore, but this disconnect is itself fueling the crisis. Our food systems and our ecosystems are badly damaged — to heal one we must heal them both. It’s time to align all of our critical efforts and build a big-tent, collaborative initiative to tackle — and win — on the root causes that affect all of our communities.

Fair Farms Maryland is a new, multi-year public education and engagement campaign scheduled to launch later this year. With support from consumers, businesses, farmers working outside the industrial system, and allied nonprofit organizations, we can show that what’s good for our food system and our environment is also good for our families and communities. We can demand greater transparency from our elected officials and big food producers, and demand limits on pollution. We can also build a fairer system that helps farmers be sustainable, benefits families, and restores our lands and waters.

We are building the communications and strategy tools we need to enhance the hard work already underway, bring in new partners, and change the system.

Will you join us?

We all share the responsibility of promoting a safe, healthy, sustainable, and fair food system.

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Environmentalists, Consumers and Farmers Work Together to Reform Maryland's Food System, December 8, 2015, press statement





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